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Welcome to our project gallery! Here, you'll find some of our recent and most notable projects to get a sense of the scope and quality of our work. We are proud to have completed so many successful and satisfying projects for our clients and are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our skills and expertise. We hope that you are inspired by the craftsmanship of our team and that you get a sense of the pride we take in every job we do. Thank you for visiting our project gallery and we hope you enjoy viewing our work.

Citizen's Bank Park

At Asphaltech, we love taking on big projects that make a real difference. And when Citizens Bank Park needed a fresh look and stronger pavements, we were excited to get started. We were super proud to take our sealcoating and line striping skills to this great place and make it even better.

Citizens Bank Park, the heart of Philadelphia’s sports scene, needed some help. Its pavements, walkways, and parking areas were showing signs of wear and tear. They wanted a team who knew their stuff, could work magic with sealcoating, repair and line striping, and could give their place a fresh, new look. And that’s where we, Asphaltech, came in.

Citizen's Bank Park Citizen's Bank Park

Showboat Island Water Park

We're super excited to share our latest work at Showboat Island Water Park! The place needed some solid line striping to keep everyone safe and the traffic flowing smoothly. So, our awesome team, armed with the best weather-resistant paint, got down to business, marking out the lanes, crosswalks, and all those important spots. Now, the park is all set for a safer and more organized fun time for everyone! Plus, we wrapped it all up on time and didn't break the bank. Take a peek at the pics!

Showboat Island Water Park Showboat Island Water Park

Lighthouse Pointe Marina

The beautiful Lighthouse Pointe Marina! This picturesque spot needed some TLC with line striping and sealcoating to ensure the safety and smooth movement of its visitors. Our amazing team stepped up with top-notch, weather-resistant paint and sealcoating to get the job done. Now, the marina has fresh, clear lines and a beautifully sealed surface, ready to handle the hustle and bustle of boating season. And the best part? We finished everything on schedule and within budget. Check out the transformation in the picture!

Lighthouse Pointe Marina

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